Naked Soap is made with Tallow as its base because it has the best combination of fatty acids, and when combined with Castor oil, the result is soap of an exceedingly high quality.


Here's the skinny on fatty acids.  It's the fatty acid content of fats and oils that largely determine a soaps qualities from its hardness to lather, cleansing capacity and moisturising properties.  Our soaps are high in Oleic, Linoleic and Ricinoleic Acids, which are fatty acids responsible for nourishing, conditioning and moisturising human skin.


We only use Tallow that's inedible, unusable otherwise. We view this as an opportunity to recycle and reduce the impact we have on our eco system.  

We don’t use non-renewable energy sources to make our great soaps with. Less than one percent of our manufacturing process uses electricity and even this we're working on eliminating.


All of our equipment is re-purposed (upcycled) from discarded machines found in scrap yards – right down to the last nut and bolt!


​Our soaps are 100% biodegradable, non-toxic and as harmless to your being as it is to our Earth.


Naked Soap does not contain palm oil.


The packaging is made from recycled paper which, once removed, can go straight into your compost.


Our soaps have been very thoroughly tested by friends and family. And, while some of them might qualify as animals, that’s only in the most affectionate, wildest sense.


Our responsibility as artisan soap makers lies not in simply satisfying your need for soap. Instead, it lies in making a soap, from conception to consumption, that really does as little harm as possible.


We do this because we believe that this is how it should be done. Most of all, we do this because we care  deeply enough to be wholly committed to leaving our Earth better than we found it, rain forests intact. 



100% Sustainability

never tested on animals

honour every ingredient