Soap through the Eyes of A Maker

(One hour interactive talk about the complex wolrd of  soaps)


Ever wondered about soaps, where they came from?


How they are made?


Always wanted to make your own soaps but aren’t sure what it entails?


If you are a person that uses artisan soaps or retailer that sells soaps this is an important one for you.


I’ll answer all the questions you have ever had about soaps and then some you haven’t thought of yet.


  • The history of soaps

  • The science of suds : What soaps are and what gives soaps its qualities

  • How they are made around the world

  • Ethical soap making – the good, the bad and the downright ugly.


    For more info on talk dates and venues please email: or call 074 101 9609.

    An Immersive 2 day Soap Making Course - All the Basics


    (Step-by-step recipe cards, all equipment, Ingredients included)


    Learn the essence of hand made Cold Process Soaps and how to make your own soap moulds from household items.


    Make Laundry and Bath soaps using vegetable oils blends

    One on one tutoring


    You go home with: 3 kilograms of soap, flop proof recipes and the beginnings of a great skill that will save you money and keep you those you love and the environment healthier and happier.


    This is an intense and very gratifying way to learn about making soaps.


    All course material, equipment, ingredients, lunch, tea and coffee are included.


    For more info on course dates and venues please email: or call 074 101 9609.

    Make Organic Body & Home Care Goodies


    Make Bath & Shower Teas




    Earth Friendly Deoderants


    Organic Shampoo & Conditioner


    Indigenous Bath & Shower Salts


    Natural Bug Lotions


    Healing Lip Balms


    Laundry Solutions


    Dishwash Solutions


    Keep your whole family & home looking, feeling and smelling great ecconomically and without the chemicals, colourants or preservatives.


    Tried and trusted recipes.


    For more info on class dates and venues please email: or call 074 101 9609.



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