Naked Soap started when I was given a gift of a tiny block of 40 year old boerseep, which I used one day when I ran out of washing powder. I grated it and added some hot water as per the instructions given by the Tannie who gave me the soap. This was the last piece of soap left from her mother-in-law's handmade, homemade soaps. At the time I was living right off the grid in a tiny caravan and I used to do washing, once a week, by hand with cold water in a huge old cauldron, which has now become my soap pot.


Six years, countless bars of soap later, Naked Soap was born. Handmade using old fashioned principals and the finest ingredients, I hope my soaps will be around in 40 years to inspire as I was inspired and to work towards a better life based on my ethos: 

Respect for self, respect for others, respect for all  things real and imaginary. 



Once upon a time...